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An Eastern European Take on Stanley Kubrick

An Eastern European Take on Stanley Kubrick

An Eastern European Take on Stanley Kubrick
  Cinema Emperor, a short film shot in  Moscow tells the story behind Stanley Kubrick’s script Napoleon. Philipp Zybkovets wrote, directed, acted and produced this rich period piece that seemed to have more layers, both emotional and dramatic, than most movies that are ten times as long.

This 13 minute short was well written and expertly directed. It also had some very fine acting in it, especially by the Russian actress, Kristina Pilskaia. She had the pivotal role of Kubrick’s wife, Christiane Kubrick.

The film takes us on a brief journey through Kubrick’s life, films and relationships with his unfinished script of Napoleon in the driver’s seat. The movie is a masterpiece in storytelling, thanks to Mr. Zybkovets, and each time Kristina Pilskaia sauntered into a scene, the movie seemed to brighten up a bit. Or maybe the actor playing Kubrick brightened up when she was near him just as the audience had when they gazed at this actress who had the presence of a Garbo or a Streep.

The music was perfect and Beethoven would have been proud to be a part of this magnificent 13 minutes of grand filmmaking had he been in the audience.  Philipp Zybkovets has made two award-winning films before this, Compensation and Rat Trap, so he is no stranger to praise of his work. With Cinema Emperor he has demonstrated that he indeed speaks the language of film fluently and he is currently working on other masterpieces as we write.

Kristina Pilskaia is also working on other masterpieces and we are looking forward to seeing her more and more and more. She is a masterful actress who obviously comprehends the art of nuance and subtlety in the high art of acting.

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