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Scott Disick Argues With Kourtney Kardashian Over Her Need for Space: "We Haven't Slept Together in Five Years"

From US Magazine

Can absence make the heart grow fonder? Kourtney Kardashian certainly seems to think so. As seen in this clip from the Nov. 30 episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, the pregnant reality star tries to put some distance between herself and love Scott Disick when he leaves rehab and returns home ahead of schedule.

The clip shows Kardashian, 35, and Disick, 31, in the middle of a conversation about his struggles with substance abuse, which took center stage during the Nov. 23 episode. "It became like a 24-hour job to stay trying to get drunk, and stay trying to take pills and not think about life," he tells her.

"I just think this is gonna be like a long road of figuring everything out," she says, adding that it might help if they had a little space from each other to really get to the root of how each of them is feeling.

Disick is nonplussed by the suggestion. "How much more space do you need?" he replies. "We haven't slept together in five years. What's the difference? Honestly, though. I mean, I love you, yeah, but..."
His "but..." hangs in the air until Kardashian — mom to the couple's kids Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2 — interrupts and says she wants a change from their status quo. "I don't want to just fall back into the same routine," she laments.

"Trust me, would I love to just say, 'Yes, perfect, come back?'" she continues. "Like, I want to make a change to make it better, you know — figure out who you even are."

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