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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunny's Tarot Readings

In addition to being healers & matchmakers, Sun Pixies are also adapt empaths & seers. Using your choice of the Pagan, Native American, or Visconti Tarot Decks, I'll apply my synergy into a tarot spread & reading - to give you the insights you need to stay ahead.

Whether you need a small spread of 1-5 cards or you are interested in a deeper healing Tarot experience with a spread of up to 28 cards, I will guide you along the path of self-healing - assisting you as you reflect inward for answers.

The tarot is but a reflection of the answers locked within your subconscious. Allow me to read your Tarot spread & guide you to the self-healing potential you have buried within you.
VISIT: Empathic Tarot Reading

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