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Friday, 20 November 2015


David has done quite a lot of classic theatre such as Ibsen, Rattigan and even some modern writers like John Godber. David has actually done years and years of theatre, which gives him a lot of experience under his belt. And after all of this great acting experience, which included a great deal of improvisation, believe it or not, and working with some excellent teachers and coaches, he began his formal training at the Bristol Old Vic. This was when he was in his late 30s. What? That’s right, David Castleford did so many things in the theatre for years and then he decided to seek training at the Bristol Old Vic, which is considered to be one of the best acting schools in England.

After several years of serious thespian schooling, David left (at 43) and got into film acting. He conquered two birds with one stone by doing a number of short film projects. He added on camera acting to his already extensive experience, and he got a show reel for his troubles. A reel, of course, is what every professional actor needs in order to get future work. Instead of just telling a producer or director what you’ve done, you can actually shoe him or her what you’ve done on your reel.

David plowed ahead at full speed once he finished with acting school. He procured a 01 visa and got an agent to represent him in England and in Los Angeles. After fulfilling a few film engagements, along with a web series, in England, David will be going to Hollywood to meet with producers on an upcoming feature film.

David’s an interesting fellow. He’s done a lot of things in his life and when he came to professional acting in his late 20s, he went at it like Richard the Lion Hearted would have fought in the Crusades – with his whole being. Not only is David a prime example of someone who attacks a goal whole-heartedly, but also he is a true actor with enough skill and talent to take him all the way to the BAFTAs (The British Academy of Film and Television) and the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Some people are just not meant to be stopped once they put their mind to something, and David Castleford is one of those unique people.

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