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Marina Mendes is that beautiful Brazilian model and actress who has been working just about more than anybody these days. The reason you can tell that she’s been working so hard and so much is simple – we see her gorgeous face everywhere we look. She was featured in Chris Brown’s and Deorro’s Five More Hours music video where she got more close ups than almost everyone else except Chris Brown himself. She also appeared in Farruko’s Obsesionado, where she not only got to show off her great looks and stunning presence, but also got to demonstrate her highly skilled acting talents.

And who, pray tell, was that exquisite dancer/actress/spectacular example of femininity in Jason Derulo’s and Hardwell’s Follow Me? That, of course, was none other than the fabulous and – always busy – Marina Mendes. Yes, she proves our point of her being busy by – being busy. She is a non-stop working machine who has everything it takes to be at the top of her game, which is where she is. She is beautiful and talented and seems to have all the energy in the world and…she has perfect timing. If you watch her in any of the numerous music videos or commercials she’s been featured in you’ll notice right away that Marina is never out of step with the flow of the production. That is the signature of a true professional.

Marina has always considered herself a professional, whether she’s acting in a music video or walking the runway as a model. The reason she has worked with so many high profile brands in commercials and print ads, such as Adidas and Shiekh Shoes is that they too, consider her to be a very polished professional. She never takes her career or her jobs for granted and that’s why she’s constantly in demand as a featured actress and model. Besides the super stars already mentioned, she has also worked with actress Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries) and musical stars Whiz Kalifa and one of her favorite bands, The Fray.

Marina feels that she has been very lucky in her career (even though we know it’s her talent that has gotten her to where she is today). She is always looking forward to the future and sees a bright one ahead for her. As far as advice she would give to aspiring actresses and models, she likes what Albert Einstein said about genius: It’s 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In other words, work hard and you can achieve anything you want.


  1. I love her outfit, this is a first class celebrity

  2. Marina feels she has a very big talent..

  3. Not my Marina. I don't like anybody that works with Chris Brown.

  4. Am always in love with her when she's on stage