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Guillaume de la Tour and his Blue Fox team
Guillaume de la Tour and his Blue Fox team

Guillaume de la Tour is from France and came here with his family three years ago.

Guillaume excelled at sports, especially sailing and swimming, he was on the French national team, and he was a very good student. In fact, Guillaume attended AGRO, one of the most prestigious universities in France. Guillaume majored in mathematics and business and graduating from AGRO is the equivalent to earning a Ph.D. in mathematics.

Guillaume’s talents for organization and business blossomed in college. He was elected president of the Internet Student Company: “AGRO Contact” and then he started another company “AGRO Job Service.” His entrepreneurial spirit quickly got many of the students and teachers working for his company and he was able to provide a great deal of engineering jobs for his classmates, while at the same time contributing funds to all the campus clubs and to the university itself.

Guillaume became a commodity trader for a short time after university for the Credit Agricole, the largest European bank in France at that time. Apparently, being a commodity broker wasn’t fun for Guillaume so he went to work for a company named Altran and they asked him to create subsidiaries in different locations and he quickly became deputy director of the group. He then created more companies for Altran and then started his own business called, INTA QUEST. After only two years in existence INTA QUEST employed 50 people and he sold it to Altran for 2.6 million Euros.

Guillaume went on to create and build Blue Fox Content, which develops media content for digital signage. He still owns 65% of the company. He then moved to the United States, the Silicon Valley, and started another company, BlueFox.IO. His newest company developed a great product that enables brands and retailers to send promotions and coupons to shoppers whenever they enter a store. The other rising star in BlueFox.io product portfolio is called PartySquasher. Party Squasher counts mobiles devices in a location and sends an alert when this number is higher than anticipated like when an unexpected party is starting. Party Squasher is unlike anything else. It is the first real solution that helps Hosts and property managers to prevent party disasters and complaints from neighbors.  It took less than a year for the major players in the short term rental Industry to support Party Squasher.

Guillaume has been invited and warmly welcomed to countries all over the world as a speaker on the world of technology. His Silicon Valley startup BlueFox.io is a perfect example of how technology can prepare some industries for a real change. His highly innovative product is interesting a number of prestigious companies and government agencies. He has created many companies and countless jobs and his creativity and brilliance show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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