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Motion Designer and Animator Emanuele Marani, sharing his incredible talent with the world

Daily Reder-5 By Emanuele Marani
Daily Reder-5 By Emanuele Marani
Motion Designer and Animator Emanuele Marani, sharing his incredible talent with the world

Ever try to understand the mind of an artist? We tried – but didn’t get very far. When we ask why the answer came pretty quickly: Artists simply don’t think like the rest of us. They are worlds apart from the common everyday folks that most of us represent. According to some artists they don’t think in numbers, that is, they don’t process things in the dry, humorless and colorless way an accountant might do it.  Artist’s neurotransmitters seem to function or communicate in images and colors and sounds that have no meaning to the rest of us but are full of content and substance for them.

Emanuele Marani is one of those special typed of humans that we label artist. He has been that way ever since he can remember and he doesn’t necessarily feel any different than the rest of us – he just thinks in a different way. When you look at some of the images this motion designer and animator has put together you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about immediately. He sees things as a child sees things – everything is brand new to his eyes and his mind and everything that he creates is brand new and innovative.

His simple illustration of a girl and her cat sitting in the park is not a new concept by any stretch of the word, but it is manifested in a new and fresh way. The colors are simple in a natural, organic style and the whole composition, as basic as it can be, compels the viewer to come closer for a better look. Five minutes later the viewer is wondering why he or she is still gazing into the picture.
Of course, this is only one small example of Emanuele’s very large body of work and it is not even what he does for a living, which is motion design and animation. This simply illustrates the power of this young and talented artist to merge his art with the minds of his audience.

Emanuele grew up in Italy where he studied filmmaking, editing, drawing, photography and motion design. He has won countless awards from international film festivals such as the New York Film Festival and Promax BDA and has worked as a motion design artist and designer for top TV shows including Fox Life, Fox Sport, Fox Crime and Fox’s popular Los Angeles show Outcast for which he did logo and logo animation work. Emanuele is pretty busy right now and it looks like he’s not going to slow down any time soon.

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