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Some people might ask why a fashion show producer who has done a lot of modeling, along with producing and directing the famous “Russian Ball” show program and is a founder and director of Moscow’s well-known Twins Theatre, has moved into acting in feature-length motion pictures. The answer is pretty simple though: it’s just more exciting.

And it really is if you ask the person we’re talking about, Ego Mikitas, Greek by Descent, but born and bred in Russia. Ego which may sound weird in English, actually means “I am” and Ego also likes to stress that by no means is he an “egotist” (laughs). Ego was in the Russian Army’s Special Forces, where he learned all things weapons, survival, defense and martial arts, and somewhere in between all of the aforementioned activities, Mr., or rather Dr. Mikitas, earned a Ph.D. in International Law from one of Moscow’s premiere universities.

We saw some scenes from his acting reels and promotional videos and this guy is impressive as an action star. His tall, slender build has all the confidence and poise that a young Clint Eastwood or Liam Neeson possesses. He walks calmly toward his assailant and we can see him formulating a plan of action just before he springs his perfectly disarming, disruptive and devastating moves onto the seemingly overpowering enemy. Ego should do more of these action movies because he is truly great at them. His face has such a kind and intelligent demeanor that the audience and his opponents will all be surprised at what’s coming – at lightning speed.
He did some of this kind of stuff in the movies, Out For Vengeance and Genre and we think that although he is a very fine actor (see Troy 2, The Odyssey) we feel that the audience deserves to be able to see and root for Ego as an action star. Although we can also imagine this hardworking actor playing quite urbane roles in romantic comedies and even dramas. He really does have it all. Ego just recently been accepted for the role of romantic professor for the web series “Chasers”
Ego is an interesting human being no matter how you look at him. When we look at his acting skills they are first rate and his characters can be threatening, even when he just looks at someone, or extremely friendly, depending on who the character is. The main thing to know is that Ego is one of those special actors who “becomes” the character and that’s why he is so believable up there on that big silver screen.

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