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We are super-excited to introduce the newest, nutritious and incredibly delicious natural fruit bar -- FrutoBar. Made from fruits, berries, and veggies that are hand-picked fresh from the farm, cleaned and transformed into an extremely healthy and tasteful snack bars that you just cannot put down.
FrutoBar will satisfy your cravings with its great texture and tasty pure fruit, that is filled with high energy and well-being. Frutobar is committed to improving, protecting and restoring your body by providing you nutritious and healthy fruit berry snack bars that do not compromise on taste or nutrition. We have flavors to delight every palette, from apples to pears, and apricots to oranges, we provide you the fuel for a healthy lifestyle.
Simple and truly delicious combinations of ingredients combined in each bar to create the perfect healthy snack experience for you. These bars are chewier and fruitier than any others we've tried. The bars are loaded with wholesome, natural ingredients:
·         No added sugar
·         No fat or cholesterol and only 80 calories
·         No soy, dairy or wheat
·         No gluten 
·         Vegan-friendly 
From the other side FrutoBar is always the Perfect source of
·         Natural fiber
·         Vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients
·         Great health and good mood

We never give up on making our products all natural, delicious and beneficial to the limits! We process all the raw materials with no boiling nor any other high-temperature operations to keep the natural taste and odor of the fruits as well as all health benefits for you and your family.
 Our commitment:
  • Strict quality control at every stage of the production;
  • Hand sorting of every fruit\berry\veggie;
  • Exclusive technologies to keep nutrients in the bars the best way possible;
  • Original formulations;
  • Over 10 years of experience.
Our motto is to make these products like we do it for our own kids. And our kids love these fruit bars. Indeed!
But these delicious fruit bars are not just for the kids, we do our best to create clean, delicious and nutritionally balanced fruit snacks for all the ages to provide the most  balanced nutrition just as Mother Nature always intended.

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