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Talented Colombian Filmmaker Valerie Khoudari

Valerie Khoudari

Talented Colombian Filmmaker Valerie Khoudari

Valerie Khoudari, the filmmaker from Colombia really gets around. And by that we mean that she is constantly on the go working on one project or another. She is a hyphenate, which means that she is multi-faceted and multi-talented. She is a Writer/Produce/Director and she is quite gifted and skilled in each discipline.

Many of the films, commercials and documentaries she has produced have gone on to win high praise and many awards. Song From a Blackbird won Best Director at the 30 Under 30 Film Festival. Her Nintendo Spec Commercial won Best Commercial ReelShow International. The Yellow Card won Best Documentary at the Columbia George International Film Festival and Sylvie, which Valerie wrote, produced and directed, won the Merit Award at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Sylvie was also an official selection at the Zero Film Festival, Viscera Film Festival and Dead By Dawn, Scotland’s International Film Festival, among others. There are more, but we are going to run out of space if we try to mention all of them here.

Besides winning so many well-earned awards, Valerie is also developing new marketing and advertising strategies in order to make a true difference in the way her films reach an audience. She and her associates are developing an environmental short film, which will incorporate hyper realistic images and will utilize Valerie’s new marketing techniques.

Valerie is an international phenomenon. She is from Bogotá, Colombia and has an extensive resumé filled with more films, documentaries and commercials than we’ve seen on anyone’s CV in a long time. She has worked with many other professionals who are just as passionate about film and filmmaking as she is. The award-winning director Enrique Pedraza has helmed three projects with Valerie in the producer’s chair. She also works with the actor and producer Dale Godboldo and the filmmaker Amine El Mouttaki in the philanthropic world. The three of them founded the International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation, which supports the arts, education and early childhood development, among other things.

Currently, Valerie is working with her friend, the writer/editor Shari Thakar. They are developing projects that will hopefully raise our awareness of our planet and environment along with spiritual growth. Valerie has also written two feature-length screenplays that are moving toward going into development. One of them is a longer version of her award-winning short film Sylvie.

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