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The Gerald Rascionato Short Film ‘Adventures on 12 Paws’

The Gerald Rascionato Short Film ‘Adventures on 12 Paws’
Fresh from viewing Gerals Rascionato’s short film Adventures on 12 Paws, I must say it was an incredibly moving body of work. A true story of freedom and how serendipitous events can lead us down a path we never expected. In the short film, Sam, Baxter and Hunter are three very different dogs that become strays after a string of tragic events. An encounter with the local dog pound brings them together by chance and an epic adventure awaits ahead for them when they decided to join forces, form a pack and escape in the wild to be free. A metaphor for society possibly in how as human beings, we can come together and escape our daily traumas and travel to a world where we are physically and mentally free as compared to the dog escaping into the wild.

The process behind making the film had its challenges but ultimately was incredibly rewarding as Rascionato describes, “This was the most ambitious short film that I have ever made. Working with animals is as difficult as people say it is. However I built a strong relationship which each dog so they could listen to me. Sam (the youngest and most timid of the three dogs) is a domesticated pet who has only ever known the inside of a house. Baxter is a rough dog that has been on the streets a long time and knows how they work. Hunter is an abused dog who finally gets a chance to escape from his evil owner and becomes the heroic dog that saves Sam and Baxter from being taken away to the pound. It’s (an) emotional and heartfelt film”, Rascionato words how his level of commitment and devotion to the art of filmmaking. Taking on the project and truly getting immersed with his role of producer, writer and director rivals that of such greats as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Both of whom are personal role models of the accomplished and creative Gerald Rascionato.

Rascionato’s passion for filmmaking began at a young age when he was shown such films as Star Wars, Jaws and Back to the Future. These films captured his imagination and set him on a life long journey into greatness that he is currently living. In 2009 he attended SAE institute in Byron Bay, Australia to further his film knowledge. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in film production. This led him to what we know him as today, a creative force with the entertainment industry.