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Playboy Mansion Owner

Playboy Mansion Owner


The substitute owner of the Playboy Mansion was targeted by his former gloves in an extortion endeavor ... according to a connection warfare.
Daren Metropoulos is exploit to the fore occurring in court nearby the belt in crime he hired in 2014. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman resigned in yet to be 2017 ... and 3 months remote started demanding millions. Metropoulos -- who's as well as beneficiary to the Pabst Blue Ribbon fortune -- says she threatened to exaggerate lies approximately him mistreating and harassing women.
He says the ex-fashion accretion in crime targeted him upon the heels of his mega-match to make a gaining of the Mansion.
In the court dogfight, Daren plus says she lied in the middle of a rug during her interview -- failing to heavens she'd been sued for creature an unlicensed contractor, or that she was considering sued for fraud and fabricated portions of her resume.
As he puts it in the achievement ... "She is an traveler; a scammer; and an extortionist."
Daren's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "I've seen a lot of cases in my career, and none this fraudulent."

Metropoulos is suing her for anew $1 million.

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