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Filippo Duelk: Actor In Control

Filippo Duelk

Filippo Duelk: Actor In Control

Filippo Duelk stars in the new feature film, ‘Control’. In the horror film written and directed by, Ashlyn Wright, Filippo plays the role of Erin, an all-American self-centered, college student with an attitude. ‘Control’ is set to debut in theaters in Los Angeles, and has been selected for several national film festivals.

Filippo Duelk

German actor, Filippo Duelk is making his home in Los Angeles and making his career in Hollywood, surrounded by creative and talented artists. For Filippo, there was no plan B. Acting and performing was his only dream.

I am dedicated and determined to work as a creative soul.

Growing up, Filippo was inspired to the craft by watching television. He identified with the characters on the screen.

It makes you escape from reality sometimes and opens up your imagination which leads to being more creative and playful in life.

Filippo’s motivation is born from a desire to do things that are uncomfortable - to break out of his comfort zone and inspire the audience.

To date, Filippo cherishes his portrayal of Mr. Chater, in the stage performances of Arcadia, by playwright Tom Stoppard.

The character was not me at all and that is the beauty. I couldn’t recognize myself. That is the real beauty of acting - to walk and just be in somebody else’s skin.

Currently, Filippo Duelk is wrapping production on the first season of the web-series, The Dorm, and developing an anticipated untitled feature project. 

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