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Friday, 13 September 2019

Tips To Choose The Best Rug For Your Living Space

Rugs are practically the most essential accessory that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your living space. They can provide cushioning on hard floors, comfort, and warmth against cold feet. Moreover, they add artistic value to the design of your room.

There are plenty of reasons for you to install a rug in your home. And this article explains just how you can choose the right rug for your home.

      Consider the size of your room
A basic thumb rule to choose the right rug for your room is to select a size that is neither too short nor too long and fits in with not more than 2 inches of tolerance. Consider the carpet area of your room, and select the piece that can fit in nicely without having to be folded or frilled at any corner. For every room, you need to account for the size of the room. For example, if you are looking for a rug to be placed at any doorway, you should choose the one that fits in the width of the doorway. At the same time, the rug should not exceed the doorway in length, excessively.

      Complement the colors in the room
According to some leading designers and interior decorators, the color of your rug can enhance the aesthetics; if chosen in complement with the furniture and wall paint of the room. For example, if your room has a dark color scheme and lays vintage furniture, a rug in mild beige would complement the appearance of your room, whereas, dark shades can make your place dull.

      Select the type of material
When it comes to choosing the right rug, the material can alter the overall feel of the rug. The market is full of rugs made out of synthetic as well as natural materials. While artificial materials can serve specific functionalities, the natural ones can offer more comfort. For example, at you’ll find rugs made from polyester, nylon, and cotton along with different blends of the same. It is up to you to decide the purpose you wish the rug to serve.

      There are plenty of styles
Just like any other artwork, there are style trends in rugs as well. For example, there are Caspian designs, Shangri La, and then there are contemporary and modern printed rugs. All of these design trends have distinct characteristic features. Choose the one that suits your personality and personal taste. If cultural artforms are your thing, then Shangri La is the one that you should go for.

      Is it worth the money you paid?
As with any other purchase decision, the cost of the product is to be considered before making the purchase. Considering the design, material and construction quality of the rug, you can easily analyze if it is worth its value? Usually, rugs which are handmade, and specific to a style genre would cost you more than a regular one.

Choosing the right rug is no rocket science. All you need to understand is what you need and how to fulfill it.

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